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Re: Basic gluing Question

Rollataq glue is very good for this.  They sell a hand applicator full of
their special glue (dries flat, very thin film, neutral-pH, repositionable
for about 10 minutes and then makes a very solid bond paper-to-paper) for
about $25 (Light Impressions carries it, for one).  Or you could buy a
bottle of the glue, which is very similar in price to ordinary craft
glues, and use a brush.  It doesn't take much, although sometimes I want
more than the applicator lays down.

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On Sat, 11 Jan 1997, Marcia Buch wrote:

> This is a novice question but I need help.  I'm making a one-of-a-kind book-
> 5"x7". I need to paste/glue two pieces of colored Canson paper together.  I
> don't want them to curl.  What do I use- I've made a few tests but each time it
> curls.  Thanks in advance!
> Marcia
> buch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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