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Re: Basic gluing Question

>This is a novice question but I need help.  I'm making a one-of-a-kind book-
>5"x7". I need to paste/glue two pieces of colored Canson paper together.  I
>don't want them to curl.  What do I use- I've made a few tests but each time it
>curls.  Thanks in advance!

It may be that your are pasting out one sheet of paper, expanding it with
moisture from the paste, and then attaching the other sheet dry.  This will
create an imbalance between the two sheets, encouraging curling.

Try moistening both sheets of paper to relax them (spraying them on both
sides with a fine mist of water works well); then paste out one sheet and
place the other sheet in position and brush it into place (an inexpensive,
dry, paint brush (3-4 inches wide) works well for this.  Avoid stretching
the paper as you lay it down on the pasted paper.

Let them begin to air dry.  As the pair of sheets begin to curl, turn them
over and wait for them to begin to curl again; continue turning them over
as they curl until they are nearly dry (depending on how wet the paste is
and what the relative humidity is when you do this the time will vary from
1-2 hours to half a day, or so). Then place them between blotters in a
press or under weight and leave overnight.

If paste shows on the edges, it would be a good idea to put waxed paper
between the paper and blotters.  I like to use clear florist's waxed paper
for this purpose.  It's waxed on one side only, allowing moisture to
migrate faster than regular kitchen-style waxed paper.

Hope this helps.


Jack C. Thompson

Thompson Conservation Lab.
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR  97217

503/735-3942  (voice/fax)      "The lyf so short; the craft so long to learn."
                                                               Chaucer,  1386

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