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Re: Basic gluing Question

On 1/12 Marcia wrote:
>This is a novice question but I need help.  I'm making a one-of-a-kind
>5"x7". I need to paste/glue two pieces of colored Canson paper together.  I<
>don't want them to curl.  What do I use- I've made a few tests but each time
>curls.  Thanks in advance!<

        Marcia, you can adhere the two so as to get a minimum of distortion,
although I'm not sure that the final result will be completely flat. I'd do
it this way:
        Cut the two pieces oversized, and with the grain on both running parallel to
the spine of your book (I think the standard Canson is grain long; better
check...). For adhesive use paste or a PVA/paste mix. Paste out the mating
surfaces of both sheets, let them rest until they're limp, then adhere them
to each other and  weight or press them. When dry, cut to size.
        Or, you could use SprayMount(Gak.)
        Hope this helps.

Don Rash

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