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Here Kitty Kitty & A Brillianta Fabric Question


We have a large box of scrap decorative paper that we'd like to give away to=
 a nice home.=20

It's a corrugated shipping box (24 X 15 X 14) full of decorative, handmade &=
 Japanese paper scraps. Most scraps are long and thin: 3" - 4" X 24". Some=
 are only an inch square. I've been saving these scraps to give away someday=
 and now seems like the right time. Opening the box is like going through an=
 archeology dig of the different papers we've used here over the years!

I'll give it away for the cost of shipping to whoever wants it. We're in=
 Rhode Island, USA.

(Or, if you're a book artist, I'll trade a book for the box!)

Email for details.

Also, I'm looking for a wholesaler or distributor, or better yet, the=
 manufacturer, for the Brillianta line of book cloth.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.




                                        Rag & Bone Bindery On-Line

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