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basic glueing question

>Marcia, you wrote:
>>This is a novice question but I need help.  I'm making a one-of-a-kind book-
>>5"x7". I need to paste/glue two pieces of colored Canson paper together.  I
>>don't want them to curl.  What do I use- I've made a few tests but each
time it
>>curls.  Thanks in advance!
>I know of two methods that might work:  The first is Yes Paste, which is
supposed to dry without curling.  The second is a product for sale in fabric
shops which is called Heat-n-Bond.  It is an iron on adhesive, available in
rolls or by the metre.  It is paper backed and you iron the glue side on to
one sheet of paper and when it is dry remove the paper backing, pposition
your other piece of paper and iron again.  It is quite inexpensive.  Photo
dry mount film is probably more expensive.  I don't know about the archival
quality of any of these.  Maybe someone else does.
>Kathy Hamre in Saskatchewan

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