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Re: Here Kitty Kitty & A Brillianta Fabric Question

In a message dated 97-01-13 19:04:00 EST, you write:

<< We have a large box of scrap decorative paper that we'd like to give away
  a nice home.=20

I would *love* to take that box of paper off your hands!  :)  Tell me what it
costs to ship it, and I'll mail you a check.  Or I'll send you a *very* small
book -- original calligraphy, gouache, etc.  I'm still working on it, but I'm
almost done with the first and plan a small edition of about 25:  it's a poem
by Hermann Hesse, from *Magister Ludi -- The Glass Bead Game.*  Oriental book
pages, handmade soft cover, oriental endpapers.  If you're interested in
either proposition, write me.

Beth Lee

Tallahassee, Florida

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