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The Freer and scrolls

Here's a little trivia called to mind by the discussion of scroll-making
methods.  Charles Freer lived in Detroit and his house (71 E. Ferry)
houses the Merrill-Palmer Institute which is now a part of the adjacent
Wayne State University.  He offered his collection to the Detroit
Institute of Art but they turned down his gift as he wanted the
collection to be housed in a separate building rather than the museum
proper.  The Smithsonian accepted.

When Freer acquired Whistler's peacock room he had an addition built to
his house that was the proper size for its installation.  The room was
used as a historical library by Merrill-Palmer (I have not been there for
18 years so I don't know its current use) and my research lab was on the
second floor of the carriage house in the late 1960's.

His bedroom became the Merrill-Palmer board room.  He supposedly had his
favorite Whistler work hung where he could see it while in bed.  However,
my inquiries at the Freer have never resulted in finding out the specific
beloved work.

I hope that this trivia is of interest to at least some--it probably is
if you've read this far.


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