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Dear Everyone,
        Having just caught up with the fairly new magazine, *Biblio,* and
subscribing to it, I thought it worthwhile sharing information about it
with the list. While the subtitle is "The Magazine for Collectors of Books,
Manuscripts, and Ephemera," it contains much of interest for others as well
and is beautifully produced. It began, I gather, in July/August last year,
but I didn't see it until the Nov/Dec issue. Beginning this year, they have
moved to monthly production and the subscription is $39.90 per year in the
US. (845 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97401, e-mail address above). The Jan.
issue, for example, contains very interesting articles by Dominic  Riley,
of Berkeley, "Of Style and Structure: Restoring Rare Books," "Collecting
Printed Music: A Neglected Pleasure," by Colin Franklin, as well as
articles on bookstores, auctions, popups, collecting, manuscript forgeries,
book scouts, etc., etc. Enjoy! Barbara E. Kretzmann

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