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Re: Basic gluing Question

Since everyone else has responded, I thought I would too:

The two things to watch out for when gluing paper is the wet strength of
the paper and the moisture content of the adhesive. I usually use PVA
mixed with methyl cellulose, applied in very thin layer with a brush, and
dried under a weight, which can be a piece of plywood with a brick on top!

Definitely use waxed paper on either side of each sheet. The only problem
I have encountered is that some papers do not tolerate moisture. I mix
the PVA and methyl cellulose to a consistency that is comfortable for me
to work with. One benefit of mixing the two is that the methyl cellulose
increases the drying time of the PVA. The other benefit of using these
two adhesives rather than many others available is that they are safe for
long-term use.

Clara Keyes

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