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Re: Basic gluing Question

Let me put in another plug for Rollataq - it works so well and is so much
simpler than many of the techniques people have mentioned (and no, I don't
own stock in the company!  $;-) I've heard YES is good, but haven't
located a local supplier for it, and I've really been pleased with
Rollataq - I use it to make a complex accordian book involving at least a
dozen places where 4x4 sections of folded sheets are laminated together.
Because it's repositionable, I can line up my edges very precisely.  I
tried it with PVA recently, and the book came out crooked because once it
grabs you can't move it.  The combination of real repositionability
(similar to wax), a very thin film and real flat drying is hard to beat,

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