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Re: Basic gluing Question

I responded directly to the questioner, but thought I'd share to the
list, since there have been so many interesting answers to the question.
In dealing with professional artists that demand solutions to these
gluing problems in making complex lithographs, we have used various
solutions in gluing two papers together--in multiple.  We have often used
UHU glue stick and weight for 10-15 minutes.  In large prints, we have
used 100% silicon caulking, which stays flexible for a very long time
(forever).  Over 20 years, I have seen both of these solutions not
apparently discolor the paper or dis-adhere.  (These may not be strictly
archival solutions, but they are solutions!)  I have also avoided YES
paste because it yellows over time.  In printmaking we have the added
advantage of strong pressure and have discovered Rhoplex N-580 which is
pressure sensitive.  It is mixed one ounce to two drops glycerin and
applied with an airbrush to the Japanese paper which is usually adhered
to a heavier western paper as in Chine colle.  this has been an excellent
solution.  It is dry when applied.  Can be picked up and moved until it
is run under the pressure of the press.  It is available through
Conversation Materials Inc. in Sparks Nevada 702-331-0582.

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Rebecca Schnelker, Curator
Tamarind Institute, 108 Cornell SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 USA
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