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Re: Smoke smell

Again, the request leaves a great many questions unanswered.  This issue
has been addressed before.  I think it was on the Conservation Dist-list
which I believe can be accessed through Peter's web page.

However, questions:  What is the extent of the damage?  a whole building,
one room, 10 books?  If the problem is a large one, I suggest calling in
someone like Document Reprocessors or Disaster Master or ServPro (look
under disaster in the yellow pages).  If the problem is smaller, several
suggestions have been made:  Protect books from direct contact and put in
a container with either kitty litter or soda for a period of time.  Both
kitty litter and soda tend to absorb odor.  I would not like for kitty
litter to come in direct contact with my books, for I do not know a
complete list of its contents.
You may e-mail me directly if you can't find the references in the
Conservation dist-list archives or if you would like to discuss issues
that your general question did not address.

Jane Brown

On Wed, 15 Jan 1997, Cris Takacs wrote:

> Someone has been calling binders and museums in the area and asking how to
> rid a collection of  smoke odor. (I assume it was from a fire but cigar is
> just as bad).  The books say ask a pro, so what is the latest  (and
> conservationally savest)  thoughts in regards to this problem?  Thanks.
> Cris

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