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Re: Perforator

Following up on the preceding: You could make a die that would be fairly
accurate and certainly cheaper.  Brads could be put through a piece of
wood to a uniform depth (a piece of carboard of the desired thickness
under the wood backed by a solid material (such as a piece of metal)
would produce this.  Epoxy could then be used around the brads to hold
them solidly in place.  Then, to perforate, simply align the board and
paper on top of some soft surface and uniformly press down (a book press
would work fine).

To fantasize a bit more, spacing could be made more even using either/both
(1) a drill press (preferably with a moveable stage that can be carefully
adjusted) (holes would be smaller than the brads and would function to
insure that they are placed vertical) or (2) some sort of thick screen
with the mesh openings at the desired intervals.  I'm thinking of the mesh
used in the heavy restaurant type collanders or even something thicker to
keep the nails vertical.

Another idea just came to me.  Get a sheet of 1 cent stamps and stick it
on a board and then drill the holes with the drill press.

Anyhow, back to earning my salary.


On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Peter Verheyen wrote:

> You could also have a custom made cutting die made. I don't know what the
> prices are, but once you have them, you can use them over and over. To get
> accurate cutting, make a jig to use with your press.
> Peter
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