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Re: "YES" glue mixtures

I  thin YES paste with water.  I use it  when I stretch a new tympan on my
Albion  press to hold the tympan paper to a metal frame.  If you add water,
you can get the paste as thin and slow drying as you please.  The stuff
gets more solid the longer you've had the jar.  I usually make up a small
jar of it to the desired thickness.  When it gets really old, I let hot
water sit overnight in the jar.  I can stir it up in the morning and it
works fine.

Of course I am not using the paste on paper that I desire to conserve.  I'm
using it because I can get it off the tympan frame when I need to stretch a
new tympan.  I don't know what your intended use of YES is.  I'm not a
binder but I believe there are now better adhesives available.  I also
thought that PVA was a dirty word, something no decent book should ever be
exposed to.

Janet DeBar

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