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Re: Perforator

   I've made a very small perforator (2" long). Down the middle of 1/2"
square bar stock I drilled tiny holes spacing them equally using a milling
machine. I stopped drilling just before coming through the bottom or to a
depth of 7/16". Into these holes I dropped steel pins (MIG welding wire).
The pins where held in place by #2 set screws on the side of the bar for
which I had to drill and tap holes. This allows me to add or remove pins for
different sizes of stamps. Then I made an identical second bar with holes
drilled right through. This served as the female die. With a simple hinge
assembly I had a small perforator which was tedious to make but functions
all right on a very small scale. Tiny dots of paper are punched out and drop
out the bottom of the female die. This tiny comb perforator allows me to
make triangle shaped stamps and presentation type sheets, I forget the
terminology, where there are two or three stamps isolated in the middle of a
   Someone else mentioned a ribbon shredder. Just last week I saw one of
these for the first time in a stationary store. I was really excited because
I thought it was a perforator and for two dollars! When I got home my wife
told me what it was for and it didn't make holes. Maybe it could be adapted
to work, it functions as the male or pin half of the die assembly.
   If this is of any interest I could provide a few more details.

Brian Queen

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