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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody!

My name is Paul Emmanuel and I am 27 years old. I work at a company called
The Artists' Press in Johannesburg, South Africa. We work collaboratively
with artists who are invited to do a series of hand printed lithographs
with us and we also make artists' books. We have just finished our first
major publishing project entitiled Qauqaua,- a hand printed, hand bound
book of work by Bushmen artists from Botswana combined with a traditional
folk tale in Naro and English printed letterpress. We are currently working
on a book called The Ultimate Safari, a Nadine Gordimer short story about
women who have crossed the Kruger National Park on foot to escape the war
in Mozambique. Images are drawn by women now living in a village in
Mapumalanga who have endured this very ordeal.

Because of these projects I have taken it upon myself to learn as much
about the making of artists books as I possibly can. I have recently won a
scholarship involving an appartment in New York free for 3 months starting
from the beginning of March. I will be working at The Centre for Book Arts
and at a private studio one day a week learning binding and especially
paper making, in which I am also very interested.

This leaves a lot of time still left for me to learn and to help with
similar projects that may be going on in the area and I thought that maybe
someone reading this may need help and could make use of me while I'm in
New York. If anyone needs a part time apprentice for a while, maybe I can
help. If anyone is interested please contact me at artprint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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