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Re: source of tapa

You may be thinking of Kate's Paperie in SOHO.  It has a lot of paper,
some of which are exotic.  The prices seem somewhat high for buying large
quantities.  I'm sure that there are many other places that are more
exotic in NYC, but I don't know of them (but look forward to the
responses of others).

The only tapa that I have seen has already been printed.  Kate's may know
of a source.  The other place that might have information is Eiko
(spelling?) in Chicago.


On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Daria wrote:

> > Hello!  Would anyone know the source of some plain white, or near white
> tapa (also called kapa ) which is made from the inner bark fibers of
> the white mulberry which are pounded into a sheet, rather than "Hollandered"
> into pulp.  The people of Somoa, Maori, New Guinea and a few in Hawaii are
> still making cloth like sheets of this, but I would like some which has
> not already been  painted with ethnic designs.
> Many thanks for any information available.
> Also, there is a new paper place in N.Y.C. which specializes in
> exotic papers - would anyone hav the name and address of this place ?
> Thankyou !
> Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop

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