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teaching workshops

I am cross listing this message so please excuse the duplication.

I just got a call from a local museum looking for people to teach a workshop
over an 8 week period - 1 day per week for 1 1/2 hours.  The age group would
be for 12 - 14 yrs.

Since I am a papermaker, they thought it might be nice if I could include a
couple of days to make paper and have asked me to come up with a rough plan.

I was thinking of working with a theme that would carry through over the 8
week period.  Perhaps starting off with drawing or painting a concept - such
as place, dreams, etc.  They could could collect things in anticipation of
making paper to use as inclusions.  Perhaps make a book by first making the
paper (they have cooking facilities so we could cook up some fibre and hand
beat a bit to include in recycled newspaper or computer paper.  A simple
binding technique for the sheets could be another day.  Perhaps an armature
could be build with paper  wrapped around... there are endless ideas.

I would be interested in hearing or expanding on these ideas.  Please post
away - I'm meeting the co-ordinator on Jan 27th, so any thoughts would be
appreciated before then.


Colette Johnson-Vosberg
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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