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Photocopy problems

I am doing a limited edition book which I have just had photocopied.  The
pages are an odd size and as a result it was unable to be automatically fed
through the photocopier, and had to be manually fed through to copy the
second side of the page.  The process of sending the paper through the
copier for side 2 resulted in some streakes of toner on the edges of the
second side, and often some small marks from the feed wheels, which picked
up toner from side 1 and re-deposited it on side 2 about an inch from the
page edge.

The paper I am using is Classic Laid - laser compatable.  The copier was a

Does anyone have any magical way of removing this kind of mark from paper?
I have tried the cellophane tape trick, but the paper has too much texture,
and the tape picks up too much of the paper fibre as well as the toner.
That method works OK for distinct dark spots, but not for 'smudges' like I have.

I would appreciate any advice anyone has on this.  Thanks in advance.

In Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

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