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bitchy buddha press

Announcing a new artists book from Indigo Som & bitchy buddha press:
_the aeronautics of love_

Deceptively simple, this book is a pair of paper airplanes letterpress
printed with text about the artist's neurotic struggle to comprehend modern
aeronautics & long-distance relationships.

You may have seen the prototype for this book at the Science Imagined show at
Berkeley Art Center.

Edition of 30 (10 of which were snapped up already, hot off the press...)

$42.00 before March (CA residents add $3.47 tax)
$55.00 as of March 1st, until further notice (CA residents add $4.54 tax)
$4 s/h (that stays the same, unless the post office has plans I don't know

Other work still available:

he likes you -- such a deal at the subsidized price of $50.00 + $5 s/h.
(Order this book only from Women's Studio Workshop: wsw@xxxxxxx or P.O. Box
489, Rosendale NY 12472; NY residents add $3.88 tax)

no one to call home/girl (a book of chinese american female names) $225.00
 before March (new price TBA) + $6 s/h. CA residents add $18.56 tax.

the Big 3-oh (broadside) $12.00 + $3 s/h. CA residents add $0.99 tax.

Assorted postcards $1.25 each, write/call for details.

Please feel free to call or write for more information! As always, please let
me know if you don't want to be on my mailing list.

Make checks payable to Indigo Som & send orders to:
bitchy buddha press
P.O. Box 5053
Berkeley CA  94705-0053
phone 510.843.0418

Happy Year of the Ox!

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