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     I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions for perforations
     techniques.  Right now I cannot afford to purchase the wonderful machine
     offered and I don't have the facilities to make the dies that were
     mentioned.  I have used the fiskars scissors and they are fine for making
     individual stamps.  I am interested in trying the idea with the sewing
     machine.  Also like the idea of printing periods and this could be set up
     on the computer.  I might even try setting up the periods and then taking a
     needle and punching holes in the periods to create a perforated page of
     images.  This was my first trip out into the net to ask a question and it
     was a wonderful xperience.  Thanks again for your ideas.

       Norman D. Sherfield
       Land that Shakes

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       +  What is originality?  To see something that  +
       +  does not yet have a name, that cannot yet    +
       +  be named, though it is there for all to see. +
       +  For most people, a thing has to have a name  +
       +  before it even becomes visible.  Original    +
       +  people have generally also been the namers.  +
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       +  Nietsche, The Gay Science                    +

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