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Using improvised materials

A query to all you learned subscribers out there - in particular
those who like experimenting.

I am currently working on a project which is at very fledgling
stages, but an idea came to me and I thought I may bounce it off this
group and see what happens.  I am interested in using blood as a
medium in a book which I am making.  Now, I know that this has been
done before in the Fine Arts, in variously blunt bold and obscene
ways, but I would like to try and push it as a medium, in terms of
subtlety and evocative impact, using it for its qualities rather than
just as a shock tactic.

It fits in quite beautifully with the subject matter that I am
playing with at the moment and the areas I would like to investigate
are :

1  Colour - the way it will change when wet, when dry.
2  Olfactory quality
3  Speed of drying and the use of anti-coagulant
4  Coagulating quality - how it will dry on paper, on gelutong wood..

Any help, viewpoints or pointers would be much appreciated.

Robyn Sassen

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