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Please help!

I am posting this to the list because I know that many of us
subscribers work in libraries. Of those, does anybody have a copy of
Harper's Weekly, Vol. 1, 1857, that *hasn't* been library-bound recently?
I need to try to duplicate the c.1857 binding on a copy for a client, so
that it might match the rest of the set,which I haven't got and won't be
able to see.(Don't ask why; it's my own fault and a sad story)
The copy I have is bound with spine and corners of dark green, almost
black, leather  brown cloth sides, and shiny mostly red marbled paper
endsheets. My questions: how many fake
raised bands? What exactly appears on the spine re: title, volume number,
date? In which panels? All caps or upper-and-lower case? A speedy reply
will make my day! Thank you in advance!

Coriander, not Cassandra who is lending me this account

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