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Re: Paper and Book Intensive

  On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, Elsa Wachs wrote:

> R Starr wrote:
> >
> > I would like to get information about this year's paper and book
> > intensive.
> I am new to this +lingo+, could someone tell me
> What is paper and book intensive ?
> ---also, is there a Glossary for the Book Arts ?
> Elsa Wachs

The Paper and Book Intensive is a book arts and paper conservation
workshop that magicly appears in a different part of the U.S. each summer
to give inocent newbies and hardened professionals the opportunity to
learn from a healthy selection of national and international book art and
paper luminaries.

I had the good fortune to teach a 4 day workshop on 19thC photomechanical
printing-tracing the technical history and visual indentifcation of a
vast array of photographic platemaking and printing processes.

I refer to this series of lectures as Scrap Iron on Parade, due to the
complex mass of cast iron machinery that was used to produce the
simplest line drawing.

PBI is great fun and is very informative and informal.  All should feel
welcome and there is room for all levels of involvemet.

As a low wattage participant It was very happy to spend 10 or 11 days
back in 1990 (91?) with people whose work I had seen or heard about and
whos' books I own or have read.

If you have the chance to teach or learn at PBI, take it.  It is well
worth the money!


     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

Director Celtic Press               Instructional Media Librarian
  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
         Co-Moderator Buffalo Free-Net Preservation SIG
    Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee

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