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Paper for marbling

From: Iris Nevins
>Subject: Paper for marbling
>Dear Lavinia.......I am amazed you found Mohawk Superfine to work, either
>they changed the sizing on it in the last few years or you were lucky. This
paper has
>caused many marblers a lot of grief. It worked particularly badly in
summer/or warm
>rooms....color would wash off. I would test it further before buying a
carton. I've
>known several marblers who ended up using their cartons of 1000 or 2000 as
>I gave my carton to a bookbinder for plain endsheets!
>My two, just about never known to fail papers are Classic Laid and Classic
>70 Lb. Text. Classic Linen once or twice last summer had color run-off, but
>Classic Laid has never failed me in nearly two decades.They are acid-free,
but probably
>not buffered with calium carbonate, which repels color. You should stay
away from
>papers buffered with this, but good luck in getting the paper companies to know
>what on earth you are talking about! You may possibly get this info from
the paper
>making plant's technician's or chemists, if you can get to them.
>A lot of the papers that formerly worked well, are now buffered to make
them acid free
>and they are usually rendered useless for marbling. Some of these papers
work adequately
>sometimes in cool weather, then stop working in summer....very tricky!
>A non-acid, but low-acid paper that worked as of a year ago was Scott,
>All these should be available through your local paper distributor. I paper at
>8000 sheets at a time. Companies tend to discount in 4's of cartons,
>if you can get together and order with other people.
>The other papers, I can't advise on specifically, but can tell you that about
>1 1/2 years ago, my Hopper Sunray stopped working (they buffered it!) and I
>probably tried samples of almost everything available and most didn't
>work too well. The Classic Laid I've always kept as a stand-by, but it is
>The Linen is very, very reliable though.
>Best Of Luck.....Iris Nevins

>-- [ From: Broome County Public Library * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>I've finally decided to take the plunge and order a large quantity of paper
>for marbling. Those single sheets, and even pads from the art store are too
>I've tested six, four of which I like. I'd be interested to know if any of
>you marblers have had trouble with any of them or particularly like one of
>them. I've read that the Mohawk Superfine has worked well, but the other
>three have not been mentioned.
>     1. Mohawk Superfine (Original, Eggshell finish)
>     2. Classic Crest, Avon
>     3. Lynx Opaque
>     4. Husky Offset (Smooth finish)
>These are all 70# Text.
>All feedback welcome.
>Lavinia Adler
>     4. Husky Offset (Smooth finish)

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