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12 to 16 June 1997
a multi-disciplinary, international conference on Visual Poetry
at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

mailing address:
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
352 Athabasca Hall
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2E8
tel: (403) 492-2972
fax: (403eyerhymes conference
e-mail: eyerhyme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
website: http://www.ualberta.ca/~eyerhyme/

the preparation for wahat has been called the visual poetry event of the
century are progressing nicely so i thought the members of this list would
like an update and possible there are some poetic wordsmiths amoung us who
might what to contribute or even be brave enough to travel north or/and
east or west to the frozen prairies of sunny alberta in the (almost) rocky
looking forward to seeing some of you, or at least your work
peter bartl
at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Call for papers and proposals

The organizers invite proposals for papers dealing with various aspects=20
of the historical and contemporary interface between literature and the=20
visual arts.=20

Some of the topics include:=20

- Technopaignia and the Classical Tradition;=20
- Pattern Poetry, Heraldic Art and Visual Forms of Baroque Writing;=20
- Futurism, Constructivism, Dada;=20
- Concrete Poetry;=20
- Artist=B9s Books;=20
- Visual Essays (such as those by Wyndham Lewis and Marshall McLuhan);=20
- Advertising and Poster Art;=20
- Calligraphy, Fraktur and Typewriter Art;=20
- Hieroglyphic, Ideographic and Pictographic Languages;=20
- The Impact of Print Technologies, Typefaces and=20
  Computer Graphics on Literature;
- Textual Elements in Painting;=20
- Work in New Media =8B Digital and Holographic Poetry;=20
- Collectors and Collections;=20
- Creative Dialogues Between Poets and Painters;=20
- Poetics of the Written Word.=20

Papers may be submitted for oral/audio-visual presentation, or for display=
in the "poster" format used at scientific conferences. In that case, the=20
texts and commentaries should be printed on separate sheets that can be=20
easily mounted on partitions 4 by 5 feet (1.2 by 1.5 meters). Submissions=
of such "poster" papers will be accepted from individuals unable to attend=
the conference in person, as well as participants who wish to forgo reading=
their presentations. These "posters" will be available for viewing during=
the conference, and will constitute part of its proceedings.

Sessions will be organized according to themes or periods, and suggestions=
are welcome for both potential speakers and topics for discussion.=20
Eye Rhymes is open to presentations made in other media. The organizers=20
are especially interested in soliciting papers dealing with Canadian visual=
poetry, as well as obtaining proposals from creative practitioners.=20

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words, and must be accompanied by a=20
one page resume covering relevant biographical and professional details.=20
Twenty minutes will be allowed for each oral presentation, though written=
versions of papers may be longer.=20

Please indicate if you would require financial assistance to attend the=20
conference, or if your participation would be contingent upon your ability=
to arrange financing from non-conference sources.=20

Although the program is firming up, we are still eager to hear interesting=
ideas for presentations.

Provide all of your communication co-ordinates on a separate sheet:=20
name, complete mailing address, phone numbers (office and residence),=20
fax number and e-mail.

A creative component will accompany the conference, with exhibitions,=20
performances, and panel discussions involving visual poets. The working=20
language of Eye Rhymes will be English. Additional information, concerning=
publication and other details, will be provided in future communications.

Exhibitions: call for entries
"ImageNations" and "Cantextualities"

mailing address:
Department of Art and Design
3-98 Fine Arts Building
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2C9
tel: (403) 492-3261
fax: (403) 492-7870
e-mail: eyerhyme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
website: http://www.ualberta.ca/~eyerhyme/

The organizers invite you to submit entries for two juried international=20
exhibitions, that=20
will run in conjunction with the Eye Rhymes conference, which deals with=20
the contemporary interface between literature and the visual arts.=20

Entries are welcome from individuals unable to attend the conference in=20
person, as well as from participants. The two exhibitions, ImageNations=20
and Cantextualities, will take place at the Fine Arts Building (FAB)=20
Gallery at the University of Alberta and at Latitude 53 Gallery in=20
downtown Edmonton.

The exhibitions will be organized according to themes or periods.=20
The organizers are especially interested in entries dealing with Canadian=
visual poetry, as well as works by creative practitioners.=20

Entries of two- or three-dimensional work should be submitted in the form=
of proofs or 35 mm slides and be accompanied by a written explanation of=20
approximately 50 words in length for each entry. Only accepted entrants=20
will be notified. Slides can be returned only if an envelope with a return=
address is enclosed with the submission.

Accepted entries must be accompanied by a one page resum=8E covering releva=
biographical and professional details.=20

Provide your name, complete mailing address, phone numbers=20
(office and residence), fax number, and your e-mail address on a separate s=

Please send entries to the above address by 28 February 1997. Actual works =
be required by 1 May 1997.

Please direct Eyerhymes exhibitions inquiries to Peter Bartl + Susan Colber=
at the above address/fax/phone.

sponsored by:
the Faculty of Arts
the Department of Art and Design
the Department of English
the Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Studies
the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library
the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies

Please circulate this proposal
university of alberta

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