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Re: Title-page Wording

On Feb. 3 Terry Belanger wrote:

<Problem 1: She has taken a short modern poem by someone else and>
<illustrated it with a substantial number of her own original>
<photographs and made a special binding for this one-of-a-kind>
<book (she has the permission of the poet to do this). The>
<title-page wording>

     <John Doe>

    < Photographs>
    < Jane Roe>

<seems inadequate to her to convey the extent to which she has, as>
<it were, entered the picture; but she can't think of anything>
<better for the title-page wording. Does anyone have any ideas?>

<Problem 2: she took short excerpts from a 19th-century bird book>
<and wrote them out in a calligraphic hand to create a>
<one-of-a-kind book, illustrated with her own original drawings;>
<she then made a special binding for the result. Again, what might>
<the title-page read?>

        I think in both cases the appropriate place for much of the information your
friend wishes to convey would be the colophon page.  In the first case, her
name at the foot of the title page (as publisher) might give an idea that she
contributed more to the book then the photographs. For the second work,
perhaps something like this:

taken from
Executed by Jane Doe

        Again, knowledgeable readers will refer to the colophon for the details of
the book's making. Hope this helps.

Don Rash
Don Rash fine bookbinder
59 E. 8th St.
Wyoming, PA 18644
email: DNRash@xxxxxxx
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