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Definition of "Rare Book" produced currently .

Hello Fellow List Members,

Please allow me to introduce myself and ask you to help me with a

My name is Shalom Goldberg, and after having published various limited
edition portfolios of etchings and engravings consisting of the works of
others, (as an individual),  I have recently established The Diamanti
Collection to publish and distribute limited edition illustrated books,
portfolios, artists books and prints as well as an array of items for
collectors of books and imporatnt museum quality prints.

Altough I believe that have a good understanding of the terms, I would
very much like to hear your opinions on the subject of rare as in a
contemporary project.

The question is: What in your opinion qualifies under the term rare if
the "book project" was done today?  Would an edition of say 500 signed
and numbered copies be considered rare?  Would 1,000 be rare?  Your help
is most appreciated.

Also if there are any artists with interesting projects out there I
would very much like to hear about them and you may if you like contact
me off list about your individual project.

Also:  Attention Florida based book binders:  Please contact me at the
e-mail address below if you might be interested in working together.

The Diamanti Collection......  address: 9557 Islamorada Terrace
                                                        Boca Raton, FL  33496

                                                        fax: 561.883.5024
                                                        e-mail: shalomg@xxxxxxxx

Thank you for your attention and help.


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