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Re: Title-page Wording

May I follow Joseph Brannan and suggest that the title-page wording now should
> >
> >     John Doe
> >
> >     Photographs
> >     by
> >     Jane Roe
        Title page designed by book_arts-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>         TITLE OF BOOK
>         Text by John Doe
>         Photographs and book design by Jane Roe
          With the support and encouragement of various subscribers to

>         or
>         TITLE OF BOOK
>         (a photographic response to John Doe's "Title of Poem")
>         by Jane Roe
          with title page designed in response to a subscriber's request
          by the instant online design authorities at


Michael Joseph
Rare Book and Jerseyana Catalog Librarian
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey

        voice: 908-445-5904
                email: mjoseph@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                fax :  908-445-5888

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