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Joyce Jenkins commented on superfine for marbling.....

Dear Joyce.....So many marblers...particularly 15-20 years ago when none of
us really knew of other marblers and therefore were not communicating about
lousy paper, just about everyone had tried superfine with usually at best,
lousy results. I think there was one person who used is successfully, but I
cannot remember who it was, or what they considered successful. Faith
Harrison used her carton as weights until a few years ago!

At least back then you could pick many other decent quality, if not
acid-free papers that worked well. They were really pretty near neutral,
and you put a little acid back on during the marbling process, so it didn't
really matter. We always left it up to the purchaser whether they wanted to
de-acidify or not. Suddenly, everything has an acid-free label on it, which
may be great in general, but often spells doom for marblers....at least
those of us doing the traditional water-based method. Acrylics take more
easily on almost anything, but if you're looking for pre-1850's
reproductions, you'd really have to use water colors.

The problem generally stems from the papers being buffered with calcium
carbonate, though as I mentioned the Classic line works fine. I could never
get anyone there to divulge how they are rendered acid-free, but all I know
is that they work beautifully.

See if you can get a sample book from the local paper distributor....try
marbling the swatches.

Be warned though.....water-based marbling is full of problems, some very
frustrating and hard to overcome, so if you get these papers and they DON'T
work any better, I would look elsewhere for the source of your trouble.

If you need any technical advice feel free to e-mail and hopefully I can
help, though admittedly still have a lot to learn about marbling, even
after 19 years. Shall be attending THIS school of hard knocks for at least
a lifetime, but love it!

Best.....Iris Nevins

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