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Re: Superfine

Dear Joyce,

I have been teaching Ebru marbling for about 15 years.  In the school
programs I use whatever paper they have available with no problems.
Sometimes the inks, size or alum that you choose are the problem. I get my
supplies from Colophon Book Arts Supply - Don Guyot. I use his inks, alum
and carageenan. Don also gives a lot of help when needed.  ---Joanna--

>Thank you Iris for your comments on marbling papers.  I've been trying to
>teach myself and even after I got a bath that worked the print quality
>was crummy.  I was using Daniel Smith's superfine text.  Maybe that was
>the problem.

"The worm thinks it strange and foolish
 that man does not eat his books."  - Rabindranath Tagore ---

Happy Lettering!
Joanna Perry
Washington State  USA
 jperry @cet.com

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