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New Bindings on Minsky in Bed

{Cross posted to Book_Arts-L & exlibris: Please forgive duplication}

I've finally completed and delivered the three advance subscription copies of _Minsky in Bed_, which was begun in 1987 (edition of 10, if I can ever get it together to make the other 7). Photos of the bindings on the first two copies, in the collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum and The Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry, are now online.

Copy No. 1 (V&A) was required by the museum's original purchase order to be "bound in stained Minsky bedsheets."  Copy No. 2 is bound in purple calf, sewn on double raised cords, with Vermeil copulating couples cast in lost wax as bosses, a chain binding with handcuffs, in a box covered in Minsky bedsheets.

The photos are accessible from the Colophon Page site:



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