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Calling all artists, binders and self-publishers!


The Diamanti Collection, better known as just DIAMANTI,  is now ready to
review previous work you have done, (in pictures or on the net) for
possible distribution arrangements in its future cataloges.  Artists are
most welcome to contact us by e-mail or snaiul mail and let us know
about themselves for projects.

DIAMANTI is in the process of establishing itself as a catalog of
limited edition prints, illustrated books, portfolios and limited
editions of work in 3 dimensions in such media as bronze.  Collaborative
projects between writers and artists as well as photographers are
especially desired and welcomed.  We will examine every oportunity and
every contact with the same amount of attention, regardless of how well
the artists or writers may or may not be known.

Specialists in the art of binding as well as other fine technicians are
desired.  We are in process of setting up an intaglio press to be known
as Diamanti Press and will begin a publication program soon.

Please feel free to contact us directly by phone or by sending us a
simple note with some snap shots of your work or just a description of
the project you have in mind.  You can also e-mail us.  See all address
information below.

Shalom Goldberg, Director
9557 Islamorada Terrace
Boca Raton, FL  33496

561.883.5023    voice
461.883.5024    fax

Thank you for your time and interest.  Please be patient with us in
getting back with you. We promise to respond to every proposal and every
contact just as soon as possible.


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