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Re: Definition of "Rare Book" produced currently .

On Mon, 3 Feb 1997, shalom goldberg wrote:

Dear Shalom

I was a contract fine art printer for eleven years working with numerous
artist producing portfolio's and single etchings, lithographs etc...I
found that the use of "rare" as a descriptor of any new work tends to be
mis-leading to the collector and the term "limited" much more acurate and
meaningful.  I would leave the term "rare" to the antiquarian book dealer
where the word has a specific meaning.

There is enough misuse of the word "print" without adding to the mess.

If you have never seen it I would take a look at the New York State Print
and Photgrapgh Law with gives excellent guidelines for full disclosure of
a print's description

> Hello Fellow List Members,
> Please allow me to introduce myself and ask you to help me with a
> definition.
> My name is Shalom Goldberg, and after having published various limited
> edition portfolios of etchings and engravings consisting of the works of
> others, (as an individual),  I have recently established The Diamanti
> Collection to publish and distribute limited edition illustrated books,
> portfolios, artists books and prints as well as an array of items for
> collectors of books and imporatnt museum quality prints.
> Altough I believe that have a good understanding of the terms, I would
> very much like to hear your opinions on the subject of rare as in a
> contemporary project.
> The question is: What in your opinion qualifies under the term rare if
> the "book project" was done today?  Would an edition of say 500 signed
> and numbered copies be considered rare?  Would 1,000 be rare?  Your help
> is most appreciated.
> Also if there are any artists with interesting projects out there I
> would very much like to hear about them and you may if you like contact
> me off list about your individual project.
> Also:  Attention Florida based book binders:  Please contact me at the
> e-mail address below if you might be interested in working together.
> The Diamanti Collection......  address: 9557 Islamorada Terrace
>                                                         Boca Raton, FL  33496
>                                                         voice:561.883.5023
>                                                         fax: 561.883.5024
>                                                         e-mail: shalomg@xxxxxxxx
> Thank you for your attention and help.
> SG


     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

Director Celtic Press               Instructional Media Librarian
  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
         Co-Moderator Buffalo Free-Net Preservation SIG
    Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee

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