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Re: Fwd: Putting Titles on Books

Hi, Karen-

        Steven Hales gave quite a bit of good info, so I'll just add a couple of
extras. Is your friend using brass type or printer's type? The counters on
lead type are much shallower than brass, and will fill in easier; thus
requiring less impression. An important factor is letterspacing (and that's
the bee in my bonnet). Since one is impressing the type into the material,
the letters need to be spaced, and significantly wider than might be
expected. I'm talking about 4/em or 3/em spaces between letters to rough
space; then finesse it with brasses and coppers. Your friend may need to drop
down a size to get things to fit. This should alleviate a lot of fuzzing
between the letters, assuming other factors are correct. But it's time
On balance I'm guessing that a lot of your friend's problem is related to
dwell. Working with a typeholder tends to be a deliberate motion, since
you're trying to get the letters to line nicely while getting a good
impression. This means that there's probably a significant dwell time, in
which case the tool heat should be reduced. There's an optimal dwell for
different temperatures, and vice versa. Try working cooler in increments
until the halos are eliminated. And don't forget to pastewash if the
substrate is leather(paste thinned with water to the consistency of thin
cream, add a couple of drops of vinegar).
Hope this all makes sense.


Don Rash fine bookbinder
59 E. 8th St.
Wyoming, PA 18644
email: DNRash@xxxxxxx
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