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Re: Book history timetable (again)

Sorry to bother the whole list again, but this is the fastest way to
reach everybody. My latest message about the timetable evoked quite
some reactions. Several people  even asked for hard copies of the
timetable.  Some others seemed to have problems reaching our website.
It is possible to download the timetable as a *zip* archive. This
archive contains three HTM files:

If you put: ftp://museum-security.org/pub/timetable.zip in the
address section of your browser and press *enter* this archive will
be transferred to your local disk. You need to open it and view the
files off  line  using your WWW browser.
(Most e-mail programs allow you to go to our FTP site by clicking the
FTP address in this message.)
Those of you who experience difficulties downloading from the FTP site
can send an e-mail message and I will reply with the HTM files
attached (but please, first try downloading the files!).

Ton Cremers

Information Books on the WWW:
Book history timetable:
Website devoted to cultural property protection:
(mirrosite in USA: http://museum-security.org)
useful information for libraries, museums, archives..

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