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Re: silk book

In a message dated 97-02-09 12:04:49 EST, you write:

<< If anyone on the list has any suggestions for this person, please send
 directly to her.


 >From: drichard@xxxxxxxxxx
 >Date: Sun, 09 Feb 1997 16:45:01 -0100
 >Reply-To: drichard@xxxxxxxxxx
 >To: pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >Subject: silk book
 >My name is M=AA Rosa from Barcelona (Spain).  I'm a textile-printing
 >designer. I paint  silk scarfs and other complements. Iwant to ask you
 >if you know a book about all  silk-paint and silk screen-printing
 >methods or techniques with terminology and solutions, I mind, a complet
 >Please send me information as soon as possible. Here in Barcelona I
 >can't fine it and sometimes I've problems with my method of painting or
 >printing. So I would like, if this is available, to order you for send
 >me it to Barcelona.
 >Thank yuo very much
 >Best Regards
 >M Rosa Sanchez Sanchez
 >Paseo del Borne, 16, 6
 >08003 Barcelona (Spain)
 >E-mail: drichard@xxxxxxxxxx
 > >>

This subject has been discussed several times on the newsgroup
rec.crafts.misc. and there are many many helpful people on that group. I'm
betting they can steer this person in the right direction. Sorry to say that
since it's not my interest, I have not kept track of these discussions to be
more help myself.

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