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Mold on Books

MOLD.  I want to bring up this subject, one which I am sure has been
discussed already to excessive lengths, but here I am.

Having recently moved to Key West I have begun developing a local (South
Florida) client base.  Many of my clients are bringing me books with
active mold on the paper, cloth and leather.  They are all eager to make
an effort at stopping mold growth but the usual answers don't always
work.  Many of the homes here are older and designed for the tropics.
This means that they are always open and there is no air-conditioning in
summer or heat during the winter.  Beyond telling them to keep their
books and shelving clean, circulating the air, monitoring their
collections and moving to Winnipeg I haven't been able to offer much
help.  For many of us, who have spent time in the libraries of major
cities and temperate climates, it is a bit of a stretch to imagine the
lack of climatic controls that do exist in much of the world.  Economics
dictate that the answer cannot always be to throw money at a solution.

I would like input from anyone out there, especially those of you in the
tropics, who have any ideas about or experience in minimizing the risk
of mold growth.  Answers that range from science, to folk remedies (
heck, even magic at this point) would be appreciated.


Bob Muens
1108 Pearl St.
Key West, Fl.  33040
(305) 294-6331

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