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Re: Sewing frame

for the base i used a 1 and 1/2 foot long  2x4  with 1/8 plywood nailed out
one side for pages to rest on and a 1 foot high 1x4 sides and top put small
nails were you want the jute or cords to be spaced with rubber bands at top
to to pull jute tight. i am going to pull out the nails soon for the last
book and set it up to sew a small 17 century book that is disbound.  I made
it wide enough for folio books

>Could you share this with us please?  I too would like to make my own
>frame, so any instructions that you could share would be greatly
>appreciated! Cheers, Mercedes
>                  M. & M. Cirfi Walton
>                  University of Toronto
>           Internet:  mcirfi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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