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Re: dampening paper

In message <855544279.615230.0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Dard Hunter <dardo@EUREK
>When printing on a handpress, I have traditionally dampened the paper the
>day before it is to be used.  Typically, I use handmade that is surface
>sized with gelatin.  Dampening has never been a problem until I used paper
>that was internally sized (probably Hercon 40).

To everyone interested in printing on damp paper, can I suggest you
check the archives of the LETPRESS mailing list, where I raised this
issue during December and early January, and in total about 50 messages
were exchanged, across a wide ranging discussion about printing damp

You can subscribe to the list as follows;

Address - LISTSERV@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subscribe - Subscribe LETPRESS your name

You can then get archive files from the logs by sending the command
INDEX LETPRESS to the same address above.

I really do recommend this list to anyone interested in letterpress
printing. The people on it are very knowledgable, enthusiastic and lots
of fun and help.

Robert Downie

Antiquarian Bookseller Since 1974,
Sometime small letterpress printer. Member BPS.

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