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Re: New Leather Cover For a Good Old Book

On Wed, 5 Feb 1997 20:15:52 -0500 Johnny <johnnygalt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Hi all!
>I have a book of Norman Rockwell prints that I would like to give my
>for her birthday.  It has some sort of cloth cover now and though the
>letters are nicely embossed gold, the cloth looks a little dirty.  I
>thought it would be nice to give it a special leather cover with gold
>lettering, and even nicer if I could do it all myself.
>As I have never done anything like this before and have potential
>access to
>advice from experts here I thought I'd ask.  Any help will be deeply
>appreciated (that is except for advice to leave it to experts - I have
>have my fun you know :-) ).
>Some questions I have are:
>Can I cover over the original cover, or should it be removed?
>Can I use the old boards?
>What is the best board material to use with leather?  Glue?
>Do you know of a book that contains good instructions for this sort of
>BTW The book in question is by Thomas s. Buechner, titled "Norman
>Artist and Illustrator", published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York,
>copyright 1970.  It's dimensions are 12 1/2" x 17 1/4" high.
>Thank you in advance, very much.
>John Hoelzl (johnnygalt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
>Cleveland, OH
 John, have you considered a nice slipcase for the original book? This
would allow you to retain the original binding-- I'm not at all sure that
removing it wuoldn't damage the book -- and have some fun with a
decorated slipcase. If you haven't had much experience binding, it might
be easier and more rewarding to create a beautiful case than a fine
leather binding? Maybe you could incorporate some embossed or tooled
leather into the slipcase if you're committed to using it? Good luck

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