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Re: Glue Machine

  The place in NJ that you refer to is American Graphic Arts, Inc. 150
Broadway, Elizabeth, NJ 07206, (908)351-6906. I'm thinking I will need to
make a trip there myself if I don't find a foil stamper (Quickprint or
similar) and a backing press closer to home or cheaper.

At 10:36 AM 2/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello all.
>We're looking for a new/used Glue machine, either Potdevin or Shaeffer (sp?)=
>Approximately 36" wide.
>If anyone is selling, please email or give us a ring at the studio 401 723 2=
>Also, I remember once calling a company on New Jersey (...I think...) that=
> sold used printing/bookbinding equipment looking for a paper cutter, but=
> that was years ago. Anyone know who this is? I remember they said they had=
> a warehouse full of equipment but at the time I didn't want to make the tri=
>Any assistance is appreciated.
>                       =20
>                                        Rag & Bone Bindery On-Line
>                                         <http://RagAndBone.com>

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