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Re: antiquarian Book Shows

There will probably be a dozen answers to your question on antiquarian book
shows, but having just returned from one in Westchester, NY, I thought
I'd be the first (maybe).

Antiquarian book shows are shows where used-book sellers of all sorts
gather to display their wares and sell them to the public.  In essence,
you are getting many small book shops all in one place.  Some smaller
shows may only have 25 dealers, others, like the San Francisco show will
have upwards of 100.  In one place you might get to see the stock of
specialists in sports books, modern first editions, 16th and 17th century
books, mysteries, natural history, architecture, fine press books, or
virtually any other specialty you can think of.  They're great fun for
any lover of books.

Prices, hours, etc., vary show to show.  ABBookman runs a page in each
issue that lists all the shows advertised in the magazine by date,
location and issue it was advertised in (for more info).

So visit any show in your area.  It's worth it, and we're always glad to
see new faces visit our booths (I'm usually there with my partner, a
dealer from Montreal, though he'll be in California alone).

Susan Ravdin
Special Collections
Bowdoin College Library
Brunswick, Maine

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