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Re: antiquarian Book Shows

Thanks so much--sure am going to try to get to a local show.  It sounds like

At 11:04 AM 2/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>There will probably be a dozen answers to your question on antiquarian book
>shows, but having just returned from one in Westchester, NY, I thought
>I'd be the first (maybe).
>Antiquarian book shows are shows where used-book sellers of all sorts
>gather to display their wares and sell them to the public.  In essence,
>you are getting many small book shops all in one place.  Some smaller
>shows may only have 25 dealers, others, like the San Francisco show will
>have upwards of 100.  In one place you might get to see the stock of
>specialists in sports books, modern first editions, 16th and 17th century
>books, mysteries, natural history, architecture, fine press books, or
>virtually any other specialty you can think of.  They're great fun for
>any lover of books.
>Prices, hours, etc., vary show to show.  ABBookman runs a page in each
>issue that lists all the shows advertised in the magazine by date,
>location and issue it was advertised in (for more info).
>So visit any show in your area.  It's worth it, and we're always glad to
>see new faces visit our booths (I'm usually there with my partner, a
>dealer from Montreal, though he'll be in California alone).
>Susan Ravdin
>Special Collections
>Bowdoin College Library
>Brunswick, Maine
Claudia Stall
Head, Collection Preservation Unit
San Diego State University
Love Library

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