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east coast bindery for sale

A long-established bookbinder customer of mine is retiring, and interested in
selling his completely furnished small trade bindery to one single buyer
rather than try to piece-meal it out. A very short list of items includes:

Equipment: gold stamping machine, board shears, paper cutter, guillotine,
bench press, job backer, (2) standing presses, and more

Tools: hand tools, hand cut brass dies, rolls, handles with interchangeable
wheels, etc.

Supplies: foils, paper, glue pot, used litho stone, some leather, cloth, type
and wooden typecases, and more

This is a very short list - he has been in business 27 years (on the east
coast) and has just about every thing you can imagine for a small trade
bindery. In most cases his equipment, tools and supplies were of
medium-quality brands, not the best, not the worst...

At present he does not wish to break up the equipment; if anyone would be
seriously interested in considering the entire package, please call me for
further details and I can put you in touch with him directly. I have
absolutely no involvement in this sale other than to hopefully put buyer and
seller together as a favor.

Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Bookbinder's Warehouse

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