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marbling workshop

On Saturday, March 1st Dieu Donne will be holding a marbling workshop in

The teacher will be Katherine Radcliffe, one of the most enduring and
well-known  marblers in the field with over two decades of experience. She
is best known for her oil marbling, which appears on many package desigs
and ads, year in, year out. She also is knowledgeable in acrylic marbling
techniques. Truly one of the marbling "gurus"!

Acrylic marbling is worked on a carageenan size, much like traditional
water-color marbling, but is also adaptable to fabric marbling, which
water-based marbling is not. The coloring is intense, bright and fun. Lots
of room for creativity.

Those of you who have been bitten by the marbling bug would get great
enjoyment out of this class. Many of you have marbled with me in the past,
but it is good to take as many workshops with as many different marblers as
possible, basically because those of us who have been marbling for a long
time are self-taught, so we all have different approaches and techniques in
marbling. You may like some more than others, or be able to combine
techniques to find your own favorite style.

If any of you are paper marblers wishing to make the transition (or
addition) to fabric marbling (scarves, ties, bookcloth etc.) this is one
you may not want to miss.

For further information call John at Dieu Donne....212-226-0573. Act
Quickly....space is limited.

Best wishes...............Iris Nevins

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