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Re: req: Lynd Ward

On Thu, 13 Feb 1997, Michel Rogerson wrote:

> with the risk of sounding dumb, what's a `woodcut book?'
> I am a printmaker, too, and I must have been sick that day...
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Your question isn't dumb.  Your just another victum of a system of higher
education that's in love with itself, leaving no room for anything
useful, sincere or creative. My tenure in three highly questionable
art schools gave me quite another education.

Thanks to my Bibliograhic Adoption Program (BAP) I have (somewhere) a
mouldly Lund Ward book that has no text.  The entire story is told with
wood engravings, not words.  As I recall, an ugly orange-brown ink.  The
mould dosen't seem so bad next to the ink!

Stand tall! If Lynd Ward is all you missed, consider yourself lucky!  To
me his work is kind of blah.  Due respects to his fans.



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