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Lynd Ward woodcut and bio

At 8:51 AM 2/17/97, John Freund wrote:
>>On Sat, 15 Feb 1997, Erin Pierce wrote:
>>> I am enchanted.  I have never heard of wood cut books.  Where in the
>>> world could I get my hands on wone to see for myself?
>>Your largest area Public Library should have a few..serveral ahve
>>mentioned titles last week. An author search LYND WARD should round up
>I happen to have a wood cut book on my desk right now. Just came to me for
>treatment. Its " Geschichte ohne Worte" by Frans Masereel.
>Here at UF all this type of book seem to end up in the Art  Library. If you
>want do do some comparison, a University Art Library (or collection) would
>be a good place to start.
>John Freund
>University of Florida Libraries

I have a book titled "How I Make Woodcuts and Wood Engravings" by Hans
Alexander Mueller. It was published in 1945 and has an endorsment by Lynd
Ward on the dustjacket.
I also have a signed Lynd Ward wood engraving from the book "Prelude a
Million Years" #30. I will try to get a scan of it up at my web site
The bio that I have on Ward is as follows. Lynd Kenndall Ward 1905-1985,
Born in Chicago, Ill. Wood engraver, lithographer, illustrator, painter,
lecturer, writer. Studied at Columbia university. State Academy for
Graphics Arts, Leipzig, Germany, where he strdied wood engraving with Hans
Mueller. Gest ot introduce to America the movel in woodcuts, in which the
pictures tell the entire story without help from a sinfle word. Ward also
gasa illusrtated many books with words, and haa execrted an impreeine boky
or independent wook engravings of widely varided subject matter.
The woodcut book Prelude to a Million Years is very art deco in design. The
visual story is about a sculptor's stuggle to finish a sculpture of a
woman. The woodcut book "Vertigo" on the other hand is very ash can gritty
New York School in design. There are four repros of Vertigo in Howard
Simon's 500 Years of Art & Illustration.
Both of Ward's woodcut books were published by Random House. The name that
is used to refer to these editions is "A Novel in woodcuts".

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