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Re: Foil Stamping Machine thread

Relative to the thread from Gerald and Jason and the mention of  American
Graphic Arts, Inc. in  Elizabeth:
I bought a wonderful job backer a few months ago from them.  Since then I
developed a very serious allergy to leather and adhesives used in binding
and must give up binding.  The backer costs $2950 from Graphic Arts - it
has 17" wide jaws, opens to 6".  It's  19" by 19" floor space, 36" in
height.    I'm asking  $2000. plus shipping.
If you have any interest,  I can send pictures.  My phone number is
Sigmund Chessid

The Book Chest ABAA
322 West 57th St.  34S
New York, N.Y. 10019
tel: (212)  246-8955.  fax:  (212)  757-8817

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