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Fw: Lynd Ward

Attached are the details of several previously mentioned articles written
by David Berona.  David is not on this list but he has included his email
for anyone who is interested.

Lee Cooper

> From: DBERONA@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> To: lcooper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Lynd Ward
> Date: Monday, February 17, 1997 1:08 PM
> Lee:  Please forward this list of references to your listserv for the
> benefit of those users interested in Lynd Ward by Lynd's biographer...
> I don't mind if you leave my email for those who wish to contact me.
> Thanks and I will talk to you soon. DB
>    The best book to date on Ward's woodcut novels is by Ward himself
> and published in 1974 by Abrams called STORYTELLER WITHOUT
> WORDS.  Other articles in the last couple years on Ward and his
> woodcut novels are by his biographer:
>    Berona, David A. "A Pathfinder in Pictures: The Woodcut Novels of
> Lynd Ward." ANTIQUARIAN BOOK MONTHLY (Nov, 1996): 20-23.
>    Berona, David A. "Chronicles in Black and White: The Woodcut Novels
> of Masereel and Ward," BIBLIO 1:2 (1996): 38-41.
>    Berona, David A. "Silent Narratives: The Woodcut Novels of Lynd
> Ward," AB BOOKMAN'S WEEKLY (July 10, 1995): 105-121.
>    Berona, David A. "Picture Stories: Eric Drooker and the Tradition of
> (February, 1995): 2-11.
> David A. Berona
> dberona@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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